General Paediatrics

Areas Of Expertise: I am happy to see children with the following conditions for a specialist review/management and arrange relevant investigations as required.

Newborn and Infants: Irritable babies, feeding difficulties, vomiting, milk allergy, colic, reflux, head shape and developmental concerns.
Gastro-intestinal: Abdominals pains, bowel problems, constipation, chronic diarrhoea, coeliac disease and food intolerances/allergies.
Respiratory: Chronic cough, recurrent infections, asthma, chest pains.
Cardiovascular: Chest pains, palpitations, breathlessness, heart murmur and collapse episodes.
Renal: Enuresis(bedwetting), recurrent urinary infections, vulvovaginitis, haematuria, renal colic.
Skin: Eczema, rashes, skin infections/marks, dermatitis, urticaria.
Joints: pains, swellings, limping, arthritis, growing pains, hypermobility.
Endocrine: Thyroid (over and underactive thyroid), Early or delayed puberty.


I am able to provide a specialist opinion for the following conditions:

Fits/Faints/Funny turns

Children of all ages suffer from an array of funny turns. They manifest in different ways depending on the age of the child. Majority of these are not epileptic and require appropriate assessment and diagnosis. Some of course have one of the many seizure types and epilepsy syndromes which requires relevant investigations and treatment.

I provide a specialist service for these children to ensure appropriate management and at the same time avoiding unnecessary tests and treatments. Most common presentations seen are absences(vacant) episodes or collapses(syncope). Research shows 30% of children thought to have epilepsy, do not actually have epilepsy.

Specialist assessment is therefore crucial for these children. A video of an event on your phone (if possible) helps me a great deal in the diagnostic process.


More common then you might think, particularly in adolescent ages. Younger children with headaches should have specialist review urgently. Common causes remain Migraine or Tension headache. Having said that small proportion would have more sinister brain pathology needing neuroimaging in the form of MRI scan.

Tics and Tourettes

Quite common in boys and some girls, usually from 5-6 years of age. Can be disabling for the child and family. Bullying at school and social implications can be sinister. Some children get significant physical symptoms. Early assessment, diagnosis and education is pertinent. Some children might require medical treatment or behaviour therapies.

Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME

Tiredness, fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, aches and pains, sore throats/infections, mood changes and school absence are integral symptoms to this condition. It is a well-described condition, incidence and recognition of which is constantly on the rise. Particularly seen in adolescent females and some boys too.

Diagnosis is often delayed or missed due to non-specific symptoms. Early diagnosis and education for the child and family are integral and avoid unnecessary periods of distress. Some baseline blood tests are necessary to rule out other organic causes for these symptoms. Treatment is in line with NICE (National institute of clinical excellence) guidelines and prognosis generally is better for children compared to adults.

Motor disorders

Children sometimes manifest with what looks like a weird movement or gesture to a parent. This could be anything from a tic to habitual movement disorder. Specialist assessment for a diagnosis of tremors, choreoathetosis to a variety of other movement disorders helps with reassurance and management as required.

Developmental disorders

Delay in sitting, walking, talking, social communication and adaptation can often just be a normal child who is slow to achieve milestones. This needs to be reviewed by your GP in the first instance and if concerns are persisting, I am happy to see for a specialist review and arrange relevant investigations and management as required. I would like to see them if they are still not walking independently by 18 months. Get in Touch!

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