Children are exhibiting a delay in speech development!

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Factors Contributing to Speech Delay in Children

In recent times, We’ve encountered numerous infants who have visited me for various concerns, only to find that they are not yet vocalizing.

This lack of speech development could be attributed to two primary factors. Firstly, the closure of nurseries due to the COVID-19 pandemic or parents’ apprehension about sending their children to such facilities has limited their exposure to social environments where language acquisition is fostered. Secondly, the increasing prevalence of parents working remotely on laptops may result in decreased verbal interaction with their children, hindering language development. After all, one cannot learn to speak without adequate exposure to language.

It’s advisable to first ensure that the child’s hearing is intact. If no issues are identified in this regard and the aforementioned factors do not seem to apply, it may be beneficial to schedule an evaluation with a Speech & Language Therapist (SALT) to address any potential underlying speech delays.

If you reside in Tunbridge Wells, consulting a paediatrician in Tunbridge Wells, particularly a children specialist or general paediatrician, can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your child’s speech development.

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